Equipo de Taller


Modelo 2400CCD
The Accu-turn 2400CCD wired alignment system uses state-of-the-art technologies and components. It represents the very best choice in wired alignment equipment. Blue tooth wired technology, with 8 sensor CCD system. Designed for the alignment technician, fast easy and reliable results, each and every time.

Key features of the 2400CCD Wired Alignment System:

* Mobile rolling cabinet with integrated storage.
* 17" Flat screen LCD monitor.
* Color printer.
* 3 year parts warranty.
* Non-proprietary computer.
* Computer mouse.
* Console keyboard.
* 8 Camera CCD system.
* Wheel sensor keypad controls.
* Wheel clamps with 26" range.
* Steering wheel lock.
* Brake pedal depressor.
* Blue Tooth wired system.
* 2 Mild steel turntables.
* Current year specifications with two additional upgrades.

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