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Modelo 8922 L
A proven performer Accu−turn’s model 8922L changed the entire brake lathe industry.

* Tested and approved by General Motors for machining rotors to GM’s high standards and specifications.

* One pass finish design insures a premium product with minimal machining time.

* Capable of machining brake rotors, drums or flywheels.

* Positive rake tooling yields “one pass” finish cut every time. No need for multiple passes.

* True machine shop design utilizing dovetail ways & adjustable gibb construction insures that you can maintain peak performance for the life of the lathe.

* Independent feed motors provide maximum versatility and ease of use.

As vehicle braking systems changed during the 1980’s it became imperative that the machining process and equipment meet the demands of a new era. The 8922 was the result and changed the entire brake lathe industry within several years after introduction in 1984.

The 8922L is designed to handle virtually all passenger and light truck rotors and drums. Achieving the flatness, parallelism and surface finish demanded by the new style, smaller, lighter, thinner and even composite rotors.
Accessory packages available for expanded medium duty truck work

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