Modelo V-34    

When first introduced the V-34 CONVAC was the first nozzle to combine the best of conventional fueling with vacuum assist vapor recovery. Some benefits of the CONVAC are:
Conventional spout decreases turbulence, reduces clicking off and splash back.
Conventional spout reduces the cost to replace coaxial spouts.
Easier installation and maintenance.
Strong mechanically operated built-in vapor valve.
Vapor return line is an internal part of the body casting, eliminating potential vapor leak points and fugitive evaporative emissions from fuel remaining in vapor path of hose.

At Husky we donít rest on our success. We are always looking for continuous product improvements to result in todayís durable products.

Modelo V-3    
Husky Models V3 and V34 Vacuum Assist Vapor Recovery Nozzles are Underwriters Laboratory listed for use on Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems with Inverted M34 coaxial vapor recovery hoses.

The Model V34 has a built-in vapor valve.

The Model V3 requires an external vapor valve.